# 2 MANTOVA English Version

24-25 April International Circuit City of Mantua - Mantua (MN)

The second round of the Italian Motocross Prestige Championship took place on the Mantua circuit on Sunday 25 April.
Our riders Gianluca Deghi and Samuele Ghetti riding our Honda CRF450 2021 qualified in group A during the official tests.

Unfortunately Samuele is still very much affected by the after-effects of the injury remedied at the beginning of the year and the subsequent Covid19 contagion which deeply debilitated him, the two heats were such suffering for him and it was a great success to complete them given the physical conditions in which is situated. Better times will surely come and we look forward to him in the positions he deserves.

Gianluca is continuing his refinement path driving the powerful Honda 450 and results are beginning to be seen. After a somewhat distracted first heat where the concentration at the beginning of the race was not at the top, in the second he redeemed himself with an important heat that highlighted the enormous work that the team has done during the last two weeks to allow Gianluca to express themselves to the best of their ability.
He finished the second heat in 5th position in the Fast category, and 3rd in the special Honda Redmoto classification.

We are confident in the growth of the speed of our two riders as we have shown that they have a lot of room for improvement and we are confident that soon they will be able to be in the positions that matter.

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