4 September Pomposa Circuit - Lido di Pomposa (FE)

On Sunday 4 September the last test took place on the new track with diametrically opposite characteristics compared to the old one.
In S4 Sanchioni's race was conditioned by a failed tire in the first heat and by a piece that was later found to be defective on his bike that made him finish prematurely.
During the season Alessandro showed excellent performances and good speed, after the second race we managed to refine the bike more and more in reference to its riding characteristics, unfortunately the injury came when he could show all the possible potential . We expect from him for 2023 a resumption of physical condition at his best in order to put him in a position to demonstrate his value to the maximum.
In S3 Matteo Frassino finished third of the day, unfortunately a blow to the knee injured in the past, ruptured ligaments, compromised the driver's performance throughout the day. Matteo is the fastest in the S3 and only a technical failure, two defective crown bolts breaking in Busca, precluded his deserved victory. Soon he will be operated on the ligaments of the knee and in 2023 we will see him in S2.
Michele Ferrari seventh of the day and seventh in the final standings will be the representative of the team in the S3 in 2023, he is growing visibly, during the winter he will work to improve in the off road section, it could be the surprise of 2023 in the under 24 .
In S2 Fabio Mazzolai closes the day in fifth position and fifth in the final standings, much improved in the off-road section compared to last year, in order to be consistently in the top in 2023 he needs to further refine his technique in the off-road section after which he could be one of the protagonists of next season.
In S1 Gioele Filippetti showed extraordinary speed in this circuit, he fought great in both heats with the Italian champion Sammartin, second of the day and second in the general classification of the Italian championship, he is ready to be able to constantly fight for the top, a greater refinement with the bike in 2023 and a further development could project him among the candidates for the final victory.
Diego Monticelli was one of the protagonists of the S1 throughout the season unfortunately the serious injury suffered in Viterbo deprived him of a secure podium.
Now he needs to recover well in order to be at his best, we are waiting for him and surely he will return one of the protagonists of the S1 Supermoto.
For the team we close with a positive balance, we are constantly the only rivals of the TM squadron in the S1 and also in the other categories. We need more support from our partners to be able to compete on equal terms with TM which participates directly with the parent company in both of the most important championships, S1 and S4.
During the winter we will try to work in the places where we are most lacking in order to be more and more competitive.
Team BRT Press Office